Be intuitive. Go forward.

My felt knowledge guides me

My intuition has accompanied me professionally for over 30 years. First in advertising agencies as a journalist and copywriter, later as a freelancer and coach. There were no role models in my family for either self-employment or a career as a coach. My intuition was the only thing that guided me. She said "look this way and go that way" and now she and I have formed an inseparable friendship.


My style - intuitive, empathetic and positive.


Leaders and self-employed people who come to my coaching usually already have a lot to carry. That's why I inspire respectfully and humorously, every coaching session ends with valuable learning and can be implemented directly.. 

My Way of Coaching is ...


Our feelings send messages every day, often there is no room for them. In coaching we trace what wants to show up? Empathy and sensitivity can be learned. And step by step you experience harmony with yourself. … and compassion for others. And your experience intensifies.


Your experiences and your way of seeing the world are my priority. I intervene when there is something to discover. I translate your feelings and drop the anchor when the hidden shows itself. You enjoy coaching for as long as you want.



The future has always fascinated me. And by that I don't mean trends, but how society and the economy, how people develop and transform. By the sea, in a unique architecture, self-transformation is even easier. Choose your feel-good place for coaching.

My Certifications D+EN


Rike was and still is a real asset when it comes to a new perspective. Her objective view and her fine sense for impulses has helped us several times in difficult times. With her, we were able to find our underlying needs and then apply them to our business with renewed creativity. We say yes. Thank you dear Rike for all your support.

Philipp Seidl

Phil & Lui sustainable garment

With her warm and smart, but also secure personality, I always felt that I was in good hands. I thank Rike for her time and her passionate work.

Esther Schaarhüls

Freelance Designer, Art Director

Rike has been a wonderful, intelligent and soulful companion for me.

With heart, ingenuity and humor, she introduced me to my hidden themes and always gave me opportunities to fully recognize them and to grow from them.

I can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Nadine Messerschmidt

8b Cultural Consultant 

My coaching experience with Rike has had a significant impact on the journey to becoming the most authentic version of myself. The way there was intense and exciting, but Rike's gentle nature gives every coaching a lightness and warmth that makes you feel safe and carried at all times. I can recommend coaching with Rike to all people who are looking for more courage, clarity and strength in life!

Felicia Würtenberger

CHRO Flooz


Rike Bucher

Inspirational Coach
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Ich schreibe regelmäßig über meine Keythemes auf meinem LinkedIn Profil.

KEY themes




Intuitives Management - ein neues Modell

Laloux und Teal - Weisheit statt Wissen
Intrapreneure - Innovateure im Unternehmen





The Intuitive Management Model

Laloux and Teal

Intrapreneurs - Drivers of Innovation


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