Be intuitive. Go forward.

Modern Management needs Wisdom.


The change in our business world from classic structures to conscious work is in full swing. For an innovative way of working, we need a new key. That key is our wisdom. When our thinking and feeling merges with our inner knowledge, we are working on a higher level. Very pragmatically.

Managing means combining experience with intuition.


Use your emotional intelligence and link it to your tacit knowledge. The base for our journey is The Empowered Heart  Map, created by Katie Gray, an american musician and  psychologist. Start,  working with your heart and discover your strengh from within.

My offering - virtual and in-person

The Intuitive Management

Modern Management needs Wisdom.

Are you a manager taking more and more responsibility?  Stay true to yourself and balance inside and outside. Your feelings and desires will give access to your hidden knowledge, which already knows where you are going to. Gain a new level of self-confidence and efficiency with the support of my coaching. Trust your own strength, draw from your full potential. Feel what's inside you and train your intuition.


Coaching by the seaside

By the sea, in wild nature, surrounded by historic buildings or modern, sustainable architecture: your coaching will be an experience. Waves increase your well-being, landscapes inspire you.

My offer includes 3 half days in an inspiring place, including an inner reboot! You come back with a clear orientation. Where do you want to become free?

Let sea and nature move you

Choose a New spirit for your company

  • Apply the intuitive approach to whatever situation may arise
  • Use your implicit knowledge to make faster and more holistic decisions
  • Decode your feelings and approach your colleagues with empathy and compassion
  • Communicate diplomatically and give balanced feedback
  • Stabilise your energy by listening to your physical intuition and setting limits
  • Find patterns and manage complex situations
  • use nature as your mirror
  • Nourish your existing expertise and get a head start as a first mover

What Clients say about my Coaching

As I am employed by GOTS in a non-profit organization, I have benefited greatly from Rike's extensive experience. She is knowledgeable about various concepts related to leadership/new work/emotional intelligence andnd offers practical solutions tailored to the specific situation.

Lina Pfeifer

corporate decarbonisation in textile supply chains

Our team needed a whole new sense of accountability after many changes. Rike helped me create that meaning for everyone. As a result, I can now work with great flexibility.

Christoph Peschke

Team Lead

bilacon GmbH | tentamus Group

I like my job, but after 14 years I was unhappy with my job at the time. I needed a new environment with meaning and sustainability. With Rike I was able to formulate my wishes more clearly and found a new meaning and a new future.

Éric Falaise

Industrial Designer
Circular Economy

In words - courage for the future - I can recommend Rike Bucher's card set to anyone who wants to step courageously and open-heartedly into the future and inspire others. It lies next to my bed and accompanies me every day.

Dr. Jo Aschenbrenner


Author -  For Purpose. A Powershifted Operating System to Run Your Business

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Intuitives Management - ein neues Modell

Laloux und Teal - Weisheit statt Wissen
Intrapreneure - Innovateure im Unternehmen





The Intuitive Management Model

Laloux and Teal

Intrapreneurs - Drivers of Innovation


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